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How many times have you been told it’d be good for you to leave your comfort zone? There’s this idea it’s in your interests to go out and suffer; that in some earnest and vague way it’ll do you good. But how about the opposite? Imagine someone telling you it’s time you left your discomfort zone? Without further ado, here’s the strange, quirky and altogether unexpected story of someone who refused the popular idea that it’s good to tolerate vexing situations.

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Company Profile

Our company Samui Ocean Sports & Yacht Charter Co. Ltd. is the longest running yacht charter company on Samui. With more than 15 years experience of sailing around the Samui Archipelago, we offer to our guests the ultimate in Sailing and Yacht Charters.

In addition to our Yacht Charter operation, Samui Ocean Sports & Yacht Charter (SOS) accommodates all kind of water sports and as well as selling equipment and provide water sport training programs to hotels. SOS also offers management program to yacht owners. Through its management program, SOS & Yacht Charter manages, maintain and charter sailing boats around the islands of Koh Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand. The boat owners can leave their boats to our professional team with piece in mind and the luxury of having a boat ready to go in an excellent sailing area anytime they wish.

With the daily charter operation, we focus on individual private group charter where the itinerary can be adjusted to the requirements and wishes of the guests. SOS, with its selected sailing boats suited for shallow beach landing, is in a position to offer a customized charter concept like our sailing safaris and flotilla sailing, which are very popular with our guests. Kunta (German born), Managing Director of SOS & Yacht Charter, has for the last 15 years managed a successful watersports and yacht charter operation on the island of Koh Samui. With his valuable knowledge and experience around Koh Samui, customers can enjoy a unique sailing experience in complete safety and comfort!

We are looking forward to welcome you on board!

Kunta (Director)

Owner and Managing Director of Samui Ocean Sports & Yacht Charter Co. Ltd., Kunta is a German national who has lived in Ko Samui for more than 20 years. After travelling the world, he established the company 15 years ago. Kunta’s extensive knowledge of the sailing area around Samui and his long experience in running a successful yacht charter business in Samui makes our private charters unique. His aim and goal is and has always been to strive to make our private charters the most unique experience of our guest’s holiday! Kunta speaks English and German, he is still very passionate about sailing and skippers mostly over night cruises with his team! He is also very well known in the Samui regatta scene, skippering our fast bi-plane catamaran CRAZY HORSE to impressing results!

Irene Groven (Marketing)

Marketing Manager of Samui Ocean Sports & Yacht Charter Co. Ltd, Irene Groven is a Norwegian national who has lived in Ko Samui for 13 years. She has been a part of the team since the last 5 years doing the Marketing and PR for the company. Irene is known as a very friendly, service minded and professional in her dealing with clients and contacts throughout the world, as such she is a very important and integral part of Samui Ocean Sports. Irene also still loves to go sailing as recreation. She speaks Norwegian, English and German.

Robby (Skipper, Technician)

Robby, a 48 year old German national is our very valued chief engineer! Beside his wide knowledge of marine technique he is also a specialist on Zodiac dingies!
Robby, who has been living on Samui several years also holds a skipper certificate and is a passionate sailor ! With his friendly, relaxed attitude he is always a great host on board and our guests appreciate very much to go sailing with him!

Ray (Skipper)

Ray is the skipper of our 27ft. bi-plane sailing catamaran “Crazy Horse”. A natural in sailing, this young Thai national is very passionate about boating and with only 23 years of age probably one of the best young skippers in the country! He has been joining our racing team in local and international Regattas many times and shows excellent skills in fast sailing. Ray peaks English and Thai, he is not only a good skipper but a very pleasant and friendly person to be around!

Pa (Skipper)

Pa, a young Thai national, is one of our skippers. Pa, also very passionate about sailing, has properly the biggest smile and friendly approach you ever seen and makes him a pure bliss to go sailing with! Pa speaks English and Thai, he shows great skills in boating and join racing as a crew member!

Dong (crew)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADong, also a Thai national, is one of our newest additions to our crew team. He just attained his skipper license and assists on any of the boats as crew. His friendly and responsive approach is highly welcomed and plays an important part in making sure our guests are having a great day on one of our boats!

Ud (crew)

Ud, a 28 year old Thai national is our latest addition to our team! Ud has already shown excellent skills as crew and is a welcomed member on our boats serving our guests in a typical friendly Thai style!