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Our company Samui Ocean Sports & Yacht Charter Co. Ltd. is the longest running yacht charter company on Samui. With more than 20 years experience of sailing around the Samui Archipelago, we offer to our guests the ultimate in Sailing and Yacht Charters.

With the daily charter operation, we focus on individual private group charter where the itinerary can be adjusted to the requirements and wishes of the guests. SOS, with its selected sailing boats, is in a position to offer a customized charter concept like our sailing safaris and flotilla sailing, which are very popular with our guests. Kunta (German born), Managing Director of SOS & Yacht Charter, has for the last 20 years managed a successful watersports and yacht charter operation on the island of Koh Samui. With his valuable knowledge and experience around Koh Samui, customers can enjoy a unique sailing experience in complete safety and comfort!

We are looking forward to welcome you on board!

Kunta (Director) published an interesting profile about Kunta.

"Without further ado, here's the strange, quirky and altogether unexpected story of someone who refused the popular idea that it's good to tolerate vexing situations."

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Owner and Managing Director of Samui Ocean Sports & Yacht Charter Co. Ltd., Kunta is a German national who has lived in Ko Samui for more than 20 years. After travelling the world, he established the company over 20 years ago. Kunta’s extensive knowledge of the sailing area around Samui and his long experience in running a successful yacht charter business in Samui makes our private charters unique. His aim and goal is and has always been to strive to make our private charters the most unique experience of our guest’s holiday! Kunta speaks English and German, he is still very passionate about sailing and skippers mostly over night cruises with his team! He is also very well known in the Samui regatta scene, skippering our fast bi-plane catamaran Crazy Horse to impressing results!

Enjoy a relaxed, quiet and peaceful form of wellness!

Sailing is a great way to de-stress in an environment where you can avoid electronic devices and actually enjoy the moment and have a great conversation! The sea, sun and fresh salty breeze will affect your physical health in sense of peace and happiness! Here are some reasons why sailing is good for us!

  1. Experience something new you might get hooked on!
  2. A unique experience on each cruise in a stunning tropical surrounding!
  3. Explore new places, as remote and secluded as it can get by boat!
  4. Quality time in a good company like your friends or your loved ones only!
  5. Relax your mind! The sound of wind and waves help us to reach a relaxed state of mind lowering our stress level!
  6. It’s an environmentally friendly activity by using the elements alone to travel!
  7. Happiness, both mental and physical workout after a great day sailing guaranteed!
  8. Solitude, an excellent opportunity to spend time away from noise, confusion, stress!

Experience the freedom of sailing! Are you ready to set sail?

Environmental Principles/ Commitment and ECO Tours

Tourism makes a contribution to climate change, with the emissions of carbon dioxide (Co2), through air travel and ground activities such as accommodation and ground and water transport.

As such we are all responsible to respect and contribute to keeping tourism in Koh Samui an environmentally sustainable business.

SOS and Yacht Charter Co.Ltd. is obligated and committed to minimize the environmental impact of our business and reduce carbon emissions to protect the natural environment and the local community of Koh Samui. We will strive to develop our business in a manner that takes into consideration the balance between the natural environment, social responsibility and economic prosperity for the benefit of all parties concerned.

What are we doing to the benefit of the environment?

SOS & Yacht Charter Offer Eco Friendly Sailing Charters To The Waters Around Samui.

Charter Operation:

  • Our sailing boats all uses low fuel usage engines. As we are a sailing company, considered an eco friendly business in itself, we strive to use as little petrol as possible in order not to pollute the delicate tropical eco system in the waters around Samui. We only use our low fuel engines in case of no wind situation or in case of emergencies.
  • We collect and recycle all our garbage in our beach office as well as on the boats. All waste is brought back to the beach for recycling.
  • In our line of work, there are a lot of maintenance and repairs. We strive to support local businesses and products as far as possible.
  • Our charters have an eco friendly purpose and message as we bring our guests to see and appreciate natural attractions and wildlife. On these excursions we make sure no garbage is left behind and we even bring with us garbage left behind by others.
  • One of our catamarans is powered by a solar panel, which runs all electronics, the freezer and fridge on board when the engines are turned off.
  • We inform and educate our clients about the surroundings, especially the underwater world with its sensitive treasures which should not be touched or stepped on while we snorkel off the boats!


  • Initiate and support environmental work and projects locally in Samui as well as regional.
  • We will strive to ensure that the operation of our business is environmentally friendly on a day to day basis.
  • Furthermore, we have pledged to plant trees in accordance with the The United Nations Environment Program’s (UNEP) tree planting campaign: Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign. People, communities, business and industry, civil society organizations and governments are encouraged to join with the global objective of planting at least one billion trees worldwide each year to combat climate change.
  • We will use means and funds from recycling and cooperation with other businesses to achieve our goal of making sure more trees are planted.

To work for the environment means businesses have to work together, share information, show transparency and good will! SOS & Yacht Charter will be a partner in this campaign!

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Our Yachts



18 5

Dreamcatcher, an exclusive cruising catamaran fully equipped and specially designed for tropical sailing!



8 6

An elegant 44ft. modern classic yacht with center cockpit and very spacious interior. This yacht is our latest addition to our fleet and ready for comfortable cruising.



5 4

Sanora is a beautiful 30ft classic sailing cruiser. She is the perfect choice for a couple or families who are looking for a skippered private charter to see the islands around Samui.

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Sunset & Half Day Charters

What can be more special than sailing into the sunset on your holiday or honey moon in Samui?

Day Charters

Our private day charters to the neighboring island is a highlight of our guests holiday and our bestseller!

Overnight charters

Dreaming about sailing from island to island around Samui and the neighboring islands?

Sailing and Yoga NEW

Join Our Special 5 Days/4 Nights Yoga-Sailing Cruise In Southeast Asia’s Most Beautiful Surroundings!

Sailing & Paddleboarding

SUPs are available on all our boats for a rental fee during the stop over time on all tours.

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